Why Traders Turn To MoonBot?

Trading is as intricate an art as courtship dances are in nature. One wrong move and there’s no chance of getting what you wanted. Money has a way of both slipping through fingers with the slightest of errors, or plummeting from the sky in wads should things be done right.

The essence of trading is not watching balances trickle away, but watching the little that you have turn into something bigger. And this is where
MoonBot comes in as the most reliable handyman a trader could ever rely on.

1 It All Starts With Scalping

Even the most experienced traders do not shy away from resorting to scalping. For the uninitiated, scalping is a very simple strategy in trading. It basically boils down to opening a large number of small trades and profiting from minor changes in the asset’s price

A penny earned is a penny saved. MoonBot is all a trader ever needs if scalping is the path they have chosen in trading.

The main point of it all is getting profit in automated mode on scalping, as no human is capable of opening, monitoring and closing hundreds of minor orders in milliseconds.

MoonBot has been successfully working since 2017 as a fully-fledged product that traders have been using for scalping with great success. A Profit Channel on Telegram is there to prove that hundreds of traders have already been making fortunes on the product.

One guy even started out with $40 as his savings and made over $10000 off of them in the end using MoonBot, because that is what MoonBot is all about – growing savings. Basically – the very idea of trading.

 2 Binance Saw It

The renowned Binance Exchange had launched a competition back in November 2018, for the best trader called the Binance Trading Strategy Competition with a 37,000 BNB prize fund. The winner was determined by a complex formula, but the results proved that MoonBot was among the best.

The results of the Binance contest showed that three users of the MoonBot terminal made it into the TOP-24 best traders, claiming 6th, 13th and 24th places.

3 The Statistics Say It All

The cold-hard statistics of MoonBot prove that it is a better service for traders than many other platforms would ever even hope of becoming. The MoonBot Statistics service is a convenient, built-in chart display of the platform’s dynamics that monitors the profitability of users trading via MoonBot.

By processing personal data of users who had given consent to have themselves included into the statistics pool, the Statistics service shows user profitability summaries over the last 24 hours or a week.

The statistics table includes
user ID, Telegram nickname, the traded coin, buy price, sell price, order size and the profit made, as well as whether the trade was in manual or automated mode.

The service is extremely convenient for showing that trading is live and that every process on the platform is transparent with no raked up and artificially inflated volumes.

Traders using MoonBot constantly share their achievements in trading on the MoonBot Profit Channel and upload screenshots of their winnings by volume and date. Here are just a couple of the recent ones



The average total of around
250% in the green made by both traders from the screenshots above speaks highly of MoonBot’s instruments for trading.

In addition, the service also provides a contest in the Competition section among free versions of the trading platform that users can enter and enjoy. Users of the Free bot version can now get the Pro version of MoonBot for free for one week by joining the competition at: http://forum.moon-bot.com/index.php?showtopic=97


4 A Question of Volumes

The Statistics service also provides a very convenient overview of trading volumes by month in the Volumes section. This is another feature of MoonBot’s unprecedented transparency. All the trading information on the platform is transferred via a UDP port, meaning that everything is transparent and no volumes can be rigged.


In fact, the development team itself is so immersed in the project that they want to know everything that is happening on the platform and are eager to share every single aspect and development.

5 It’s Not All Guts And Glory

Though effective in trading and unmatched in the scope of its offered instruments MoonBot may be, it does have its limitations.

  1. The connection of new exchanges is not fully possible in the current version of the platform because of the different application programming interface (API). It was originally designed to work only with Binance and Bittrex
  1. The overall architecture of the terminal did not provide for the mechanics of multiple exchanges, different interfaces, and very different connection methods. The number of cryptocurrency exchanges is constantly growing and now numbers in the hundreds. 
  1. Each platform aims to offer its users new features and benefits, thereby establishing new technological barriers. This complicates the refinement of the current MoonBot terminal and requires the design of a new universal platform.
  1. The trading terminal was conceived only as an application for Microsoft Windows. MoonBot was not designed to work on any other platforms and operating systems. This is a limitation, which creates an obstacle for expanding the coverage of the user base.

Nonetheless, the development team is planning to launch a major overhaul of the platform by creating an absolutely new product on the basis of the immense amount of feedback from the trader community. The new product is to be called MoonTrader and will include a huge number of innovations.


6 What Have We Got?

Trading is the art of making big money from what you have. There is no one other than yourself you can rely on when making your money. But you need a reliable set of instruments to get the money working for you.

MoonBot is a working product that did it for thousands of traders. They are doing it still. But a new and improved version of MoonBot is underway in the form of MoonTrader

Improved functionality, new features, scaling and expansion into new technological areas is not all MoonTrader will be offering. The development team will also be launching a teaching and training channel for newcomers and traders.

The MoonBot team will give its users and community the tools and the knowledge needed to trade successfully on the crypto market. But to make that happen, the team invites all not to miss the chance and partake in the upcoming fundraising campaign the project will be launching with great benefits for all participants. 

Join the trading revolution and help build a better instrument for profit making on the crypto market by joining us at: https://moontrader.com/

In the next article, we will tell you just how much more efficient it is to trade using MoonBot than through the Binance exchange terminal.

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