Why Even Bother With An ICO?

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We have witnessed the end of an era. For some, not short enough it was. The age of the ICO has come and gone, but what remained and emerged from the ashes hushed every voice on the crypto market with its wonders and visions.


Trading is the phoenix that arose from the ashes of the ICO market and has taken wing, embracing all those who have compiled crypto portfolios and have not abandoned hope of generating income on what may have seemed to be a lost cause.

Trading is as old as time itself, a phenomenon on which modern history, economics and politics have been based on. The modern world and financial system is no different, the only thing that has changed are the tools used in trading.

And this is where the cutting edge of technology starts delicately slicing through the veil of what was required and peering into what is becoming a reality of modern crypto trading.

1 Bot From The Moon


The advent of automated trading constructs called bots was nothing short of a revolution in trading. These minor programs could automatically execute orders on exchanges based on programmed algorithms in an instant, thus saving valuable time for their operators. And time, practice, application, and community feedback have proven that none do it better than MoonBot.

What started out in 2017 as an attempt at a pump on the vaunted Btc-e exchange turned into a profound analysis of the exchange’s interface that proved to be unfit for conducting pump trading. It was clear that many people would want to play the pump game and make some easy money.

After analyzing their first pump, the developers of MoonBot realized that everything was determined by the speed of order placement. Profit literally depended on fractions of seconds spent on entering orders manually. The decision was to create a simple bot and gain an advantage over other players on the market.


Thus MoonBot was born under its first name Pump Bot with just 5 buttons, a simple graphical interface and a dream. The bot turned out to be so successful among the community that feedback flowed like a river on a daily basis and gave the developers the impetus to build on their success and evolve.

Thus MoonBot was born under its first name Pump Bot with just 5 buttons, a simple graphical interface and a dream. The bot turned out to be so successful among the community that feedback flowed like a river on a daily basis and gave the developers the impetus to build on their success and evolve.

2 And That’s Why We Love It

According to statistics, the volumes of trade that MoonBot users generate are included in the TOP 100 exchanges. Considering that the program does not inflate its trading volumes is a clear indication that the main advantages of the bot came to the community’s liking.


According to the results of a contest for the best trader conducted by Binance on November 1, 2018, three users of the MoonBot terminal entered the TOP-24 best traders. That is saying a lot.

It was the convenience of the interface that attracted the community and allowed them to stop mucking about in the complicated interfaces of exchanges.

The security and the speed with which the transactions were executed and orders were placed were phenomenal and made MoonBot the choice of all those seeking to rely on an existing and working product.

  • MoonBot allows full control over trading as users see every trade on the chart, not just the candlesticks. 
  • In addition, it has the opportunity to simultaneously set goals for obtaining and maximizing profit, as well as establish levels for fixing losses. 
  • Users receive a complete list of actions and decisions of the bot in the form of a text log file. 
  • Deals can be analyzed at any moment both on the chart with the entry point and exit point, and in tabular or report form in text or Telegram format.



Security was paramount in MoonBot and the team implemented it by providing only local storage of personal data.

  • The service never stored any personal data on a remote web server and technically could never gain access to it. 
  • The inability of the service to withdraw personal user funds from the account meant that the user could safely use the terminal for trading, receiving public information from the exchange and data on the status of their account with full security of funds on the account of the exchange.

The team wanted to develop and give people an even better tool. With over four thousand active users and not a single account hack on record, the task was to continuously update the product with new features, thus, in essence, creating a completely new product to cater to a broader audience.

3 How About The Future?


Community feedback is what products must take into consideration to evolve and develop, lest their path lies through the dark woods of profiteering and degeneration.

MoonBot team analyzed community feedback and then came a moment when the possibilities of the current platform had been completely exhausted. The logical decision was to develop a new product on the basis of the feedback, expand and scale into new markets.


4 Enter Trading

The modern trading market does not offer a single platform that would allow conducting backtests on tick data and adjusting it for specific markets. Not a single public platform offers solutions for creating automated trading solutions for tick graphs.

The best thing users can hope for are narrow-focused solutions based on Japanese Candles at best. And that’s called limitation.

And this where the
MoonBot team came in with its completely new product – the MoonTrader. This revolutionary product allows users to design any solution they deem necessary and instantly test it or the performance of the strategy in a dedicated test environment.


is a wholly new product built on community requirements and implements all the tools necessary for a wholesome trading experience just like on traditional markets.

5 Do It Right The First Time


MoonTrader has a myriad of advantages.

  • It allows its users to trade manually on tick charts with each order on the chart or using the usual candlestick chart for lightning-fast execution of orders on the exchange. 
  • Users can set up built-in strategies. 
  • Create their own algorithms using the Modular Algorithms Builder, or trade off signals in full auto mode. 
  • The built-in instruments allow users to test the risks and potential profitability of their strategies on historical data before actually employing them in real trade.
  • Users are not left in free-float mode on MoonTrader, as they can select the most successful traders and copy their trades in full auto mode on mutually beneficial terms. 
  • The roles users can undertake on MoonTrader are diverse as they can buy and sell strategies, offer educational materials, choose managing traders for Trusted Management, or become managers themselves.
As security issues are paramount in MoonTrader, development is being carried out in accordance with the best world standards and is meant to assure all users that hacking and loss of funds from accounts is impossible even theoretically. 

The development team has always supported a policy of full transparency and regularly publishes real-time statistics, as well as proof of results. The same policy will be applied in
MoonTrader and taken a step further as a certain percentage of the project’s profits will be directed towards community development.

As part of the initiative, a platform will be created as an educational resource with valuable information, where users can post their content and receive rewards for it.


The main features that
MoonTrader will incorporate over its predecessor – MoonBot, are the following:


  • A module of candlestick charts and candlestick trading, including indicator base;
  • A fully redesigned interface for different categories of users (Novice, User, Professional);
  • A platform for the publication of useful content on trading and the development of trading skills;
  • A marketplace of algorithms and trust management services;
  • Solutions for various platforms and terminals for Linux, MacOs, iOS and Android;
  • A modular algorithm constructor;
  • A module for testing algorithms on candlestick historical data;
  • An infrastructure to store exchange data;
  • A module for testing algorithms on exchange data;
  • A module for quickly adding cryptocurrency exchanges to the terminal;
  • An Analytical Assistant to help users navigate the market situation on the selected instrument;
  • An infrastructure for the creation of AI-algorithms.

6 Back Where We Started

Scaling and expansion are not aspects of project development that can be taken lightly. Everything rests on money and finding that money means actually doing something, even if that means conducting an ICO.


Raising money for
MoonTrader is a strategic goal that will allow the platform to enter new markets and gain access to a new audience of users willing to test new possibilities, new instruments and provide new feedback for further evolution and development of the platform.


Funds are required to create a universal model for adding new exchanges and accelerating development to give people the opportunity to take full advantage of the possibilities of crypto-trading.


Unlike many other projects with no clear vision of funds allocation, the
MoonTrader team requires supplementary funding exclusively to attract additional resources for the development of the new product – MoonTrader, and the required sum is not astronomical, standing at only $400,000.



The allocation plan is in place and every penny will be spent on ensuring the further success of the new product.

Most importantly, the team needs to raise funds to implement the ideas and feedback that the audience of the platform expects. Successful people within the trading community are making the project. And it is important for the team to take into account the opinions of experienced practitioners, and not just their own vision.

7 What’s In It For Us?


The benefits that are ensured to all investors who decide to participate in the MoonBot ICO are based firmly on the fact that the product has been operating successfully on the market for years and the team will build on that success.

The number of $MOON Tokens is fixed and no additional emission is possible, thus supply and demand will work their magic. The burning mechanics that will be implemented suggest a deflationary model, as over time, the number of tokens available in turnover will decrease according to the burning model and for natural reasons.


With an increase in the number of project participants who will be making use of the terminal, the marketplace and other modules, demand for the $MOON Token as a universal means of payment between community members will grow. 

Token holders will also get early access to the terminal and to special versions with extended features.


The Team has a specific set of goals to achieve and taking into consideration the experience with Moonbot, they are fully aware of the running costs and times. This will give an advantage before other competitors on the market. The $MOON Tokens will be distributed in stages according to the initial stages prescribed in the project Roadmap and as goals are achieved.


Another key advantage that reduces spending is that the team does not employ any expensive advisors that would inflate token costs. The project has a community of traders and they are the main development vector, the most valuable resource that is deeply involved in the development of the product. 


8 IEOs Are All The Rage

Many members of the community have suggested the IEO model for raising funds. It is true that the IEO is a newfangled and highly hyped instrument, but the MoonBot team has chosen to refrain from this approach for a number of reasons.


  1. First of all, many exchanges do not have liquidity at all. 
  2. The exchanges often freeze funds and the project is left without money for development, but is being traded, and turns out to be a scam. 
  3. Entering into a cabal deal with an exchange means full loss of transparency. 
  4. The MoonBot team adheres to full transparency, and that is why it uses direct smart contract interaction for its transactions and does not use any personal accounts.
  5. An IEO is investment in market making, and the required amount swells in proportion. 
  6. As such, the risks that the product may not even be developed increase and the project loses credibility. 

Given MoonBot’s positive traction, reputation and dynamics, the team cannot risk any of these assets.

9 And That’s What We Have


MoonBot has a product and a clear vision of how to make crypto trading even more advanced and accessible to a broader audience. The attractive conditions for investors are there and the team welcomes all to refer to it directly, to the website or any other explanatory materials for clarifications or any questions.

The project CEO is always available via social networks and via Telegram/Discord and is in constant contact with the trader community for providing clarity.

If there is a chance to make money and create something valuable, that chance should be taken after weighing all the pros and cons. MoonBot has made the choice and will develop its product for the betterment of the crypto market and its most highly valued asset – the community.


In the following materials, we will describe the working product and the future product in greater detail and give all the necessary proof to back up our claims. If anyone is interested in effective crypto trading, then it should be done. Join the community of professional traders, share experiences and improve trading together.


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