Change Log

13 February 2024, v. 0.5.12884

New Features:

  • MT client now memorizes changes made within tabs
  •  Drawings are now memorized even after Client restart
  •  New Chart tab options added, now right-clicking the chart tab allows users to choose: Close, Close all except this (will close all other tabs and charts), Close all other charts (will only close other charts, not tabs)
  •  Added new UI elements to notify users of pending changes in the Settings Menu
  •  New positions opening logic will now allow placing orders that upon filling will immediately lead to liquidation due to SL being further away from the price than the actual Mark price.
  •  The tabs of charts that were opened by the «Open graph on trigger» feature will now display a black dot on them to notify users of such events. The dot will disappear after the user manually opens the graph.
  •  Added a «copy blacklist/whitelist» button to algorithms.
  •  Added a new «Name» column to the Autostop tab
  •  Revamped client log panel in the Client (bottom left corner)
  •  A new checkbox/button has been added to algorithms and to the settings panel for manual trading: «Enforce exchange minimum order size requirement». If the checkbox is ticked/button is enabled in the algorithm and/or manual trading settinges, if the desired order size is smaller than the minimum exchange requirement, will automatically set the minimum allowable size (for example on BTCUSDT, now it is 170 USDT), if you do not enable the checkbox/button, when you try to set less than the minimum value allowed by the exchange, we get an error.
  •  Added the ability to start/stop auto-stops from the telegram client
  •  Hotkey to place buy/sell limit orders close to the spread at the best price. So called «Limit spread» orders, can be placed with hotkeys close to the spread. The distance from the spread can be adjusted in the «Limits» tab in the «Boundaries» settings panel for manual trading. The detailed tooltip in the tab itself. Also, Hotkeys for placing market buy/sell orders were added. Hotkeys for these new features can be found in the Settings Menu —> Controls —> Keyboard shortcuts —> Place orders section.  
  •  Added volume data to the Depthshot algorithm debug mode.
  •  Added the ability to transfer funds from the main (funding) account to a trading account on Bybit and OKx via MT Client.
  •  Now average prices up to 15 seconds are calculated within the Average algorithm itself and values greater than 15 seconds are taken from Market Live; this should significantly improve predictability and efficiency of Averages algorithm work especially on short time frames.


  •  Issue updating arm64 core
  •  Errors in group editing of algorithms Errors in processing of take profit auto price-down
  •  Copying a group of algorithms via clipboard
  •  Virtual SL trigger errors
  •  Difference between % tp/sl drawn on the chart and shown in the Positions tab
  •  Calculation of commission on Bybit
  •  Displaying the number of emulated orders in the Orders tab
  •  Sorting in the Balances tab
  •  Corrections in Bybit logic that led to opening a position after liquidation
  •  Phantom orders on Bybit/OKx
  •  Errors in Market Watcher after profile change
  •  Drawing of candlesticks over ticks when using a mixed graph type
  •  Error of calculation of «frozen» margin in the Balance tab after transfer
  •  Error after moving a group of orders using hotkeys on ByBit
  •  Error in drawing Fibonacci levels after manipulating the graph on which they are drawn
  •  Errors in calculating the funding rate on Bybit-it
  •  Error of rendering selected checkboxes in dropdowns
  •  Horizontal compression speed of charts
  •  Data disappearance from the Market Watcher tab after closing a deal

21 December 2023, v. 0.5.12485


  • Phantom positions on Binance
  • Phantom orders on OKx/ByBit
  • Positions opening on ByBit without TP/SL after liquidation
  • OKx core crash on Windows OS
  • Positions opening without TP/SL on OKx when orders are larger than 1k USDT
  • Commission calculations on ByBit/OKx
  • Large dust remainders on ByBit

04 December 2023, v. 0.5.12263

New Features:

  • Linux ARM64 Core build. This build is not valid for Mac M1 or M2 processors, only pure ARM64 architectures including Raspberry Pis etc. The build can be downloaded from the Download section of your MoonTrader Account on our website. IMPORTANT NOTICE: you cannot migrate your existing database (Reports) to the ARM64 version of the Core. The reports will not be read.

    INSTRUCTIONS: to properly run the core the following commands need to be run to ensure the libraries necessary for the database are installed:
    sudo apt-get -y install libncurses5 libtommath1
    sudo ln -s /usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/
  • Autostop on Reports now allows users to use timeframes in the «For Last» parameter field (1 hour, 1 day, etc.)
  • Average algorithms now allow using multiple triggers (long and short periods) by checking the box in the Algorithm Parameters and adding parameters. Please note that all conditions will have to be met for the order to be placed!
  • Telegram signal parser for ByBit exchange
  • A new filter in Reports tab: Open by —> Funding
  • The Management tab now allows automatically setting the Max Leverage size based on the desired Order size. Select the necessary trading pairs from the list, go to Set Leverage and insert the desired Order size into the Order Size field, then click on Set max leverage. This will automatically set the leverage on those pairs to the maximum size allowed for that order size.
  • All that allow selecting entries now get a counter at the bottom of the tab
  • Multi-Sort function is now available. By holding the CTRL key pressed, you can select multiple columns that will be used to sort the data, the hierarchy being the order in which the columns were selected. To remove specific columns from the multi-sort, hold down the CTRL + Shift keys and click on the column you wish to remove. To clear the multi-sort completely, just click on any column without holding any key pressed.
  • It is now possible to use letters in combination with keys as hotkeys to trigger the Join of TP/SL for long and short positions. Go to Options —> Controls —> Shortcuts —> Take-Profit/Stop-Loss section
  • The Client tabs will now group into a list at the end of the tab header line if the number of tabs exceeds the available space in the Client window. To view and jump to any of the hidden tabs, click on the small window and >> button at the end of the line.
  • You can now take a screenshot of a coin chart by simply clicking F11 on the keyboard. The screenshot will not include sensitive data like Balance and IP address.
  • You can now set your custom background to be displayed on coin charts. Go to Options —> Appearance —> Content and scroll to the bottom to find the «Chart background image» section
  • The Telegram client now has the commands to start/stop, edit and delete autostops
  • We added a button to clear all notifications from the notifications dropdown menu (bell on the top right)
  • The Reports export button now allows users to choose a specific directory where the csv file will be saved
  • An indicator (top left corner of chart window on Futures) displaying the «Deviation from Spot» that indicates if the price of the asset on the Futures market is grater than on the Spot market (if a spot market for this coin is also available). Thus if the price of the asset you are currently viewing on Futures market is greater than on the Spot market, the indicator will be green and display the «+» (plus) sign in front of the percentual value of the difference, if the Futures price is lower than the Spot price, the indicator will display a «-» (minus) sign and the percentual value will be red.
  • You can now add values with decimal places in time fields. For example «Follow price delay» can now be set to 1.3 seconds in the Algorithm.


  • Error of TP/SL disappearance when closing TP on own order (new regulation system from Binance)
  • FPS growth when connecting to the VPS
  • Hanging orders on ByBit
  • Depthshot errors
  • Display errors in the Management tab when adding orders to the Black list
  • Calculation of Order Size on ByBit
  • Error of placing stop limit SL if spread is more than 10%
  • Slow growth of RAM consumption
  • Panic button triggering error when using a stop limit SL
  • Auto-split errors
  • Phantom orders on ByBit
  • Rest requests to get a position on OKx
  • Initialisation of delta calculations during listings on OKx and Bybit
  • Column alignment in tabs
  • Column width change in all tabs
  • Quote asset volume errors in the Depthshot algorithm
  • Additional filters panel in Reports
  • Problem of hotkeys functionality when using a single letter for hotkeys and coin search window operation. now there will be no hotkey trigger when typing coin name.
  • Wrong margin type is drawn in client on listed pairs
  • Handling of 50004 errors on OKx which led to order placing error
  • Problem of positions without TP on Bybit and OKx
  • Phantom positions
  • Optimised logic of Averages algorithm
  • Database migration
  • Work of mouse clicks in lists (now does not take into account the double click delay parameter)
  • Setting margin type on OKx
  • Copying settings from the Management panel on OKx, ByBit
  • Spot listings on OKx
  • Commission calculation on OKx and ByBit
  • Baseline recalculation in AutoStop

02 November 2023, v. 0.5.11742

New Features:

  • New input system. Now you can use additional mouse buttons to create hotkeys to define actions in MoonTrader. Additionally, we’ve created a new setting to control the speed of the double click action. To change this parameter go to Settings —> Controls —> Mouse. This parameter will allow the system to wait less or more time for the second click in order to determine a double click. In practice, this will work in the following way: anyone who was complaining that the orders are placed slowly when using a single click (left or right with or without any additional key combinations) to place an order, will now be able to reduce the wait time and thus feel a significant increase of speed when placing the order on a single click. The flipside of this is that with a very small wait time, it will become almost impossible to perform a double click. Our recommendation is that you use at least 150ms for the double click delay.

    VERY IMPORTANT: Because the input system has changed, your current hotkey settings will be removed! Please make a reserve copy of your old settings in order to reassign the hotkeys to the desired combinations in this version!
  • We added a counter to the bottom of the Reports tab that will count the selected entries.
  • We added 5s — 55s deltas to the «Active market filters» of all algorithms
  • We’ve overhauled the Market Live tab. Now you can see in this tab how many orders are placed on either pair and what the direction of the orders are. Also, you will be able to see what algorithms are working with a specific pair. When clicking on the column with the names of the algorithms, a pop-up will appear displaying data from the reports related to that pair.
  • Added Funding data to Reports. Now, if you’ve had a position open during funding payout, you’ll find that information in the Reports tab.
  • You will now be able to create lists from the Management tab.
  • Added an icon informing of removed entries from the Reports tab


  • Changing leverage type on ByBit
  • Critical errors when starting/stopping algorithms in bulk
  • General optimizations on ByBit and OKx
  • Cancel after first deal issue in Averages algorithm
  • Partial fill errors on ByBit and OKx
  • Incorrect sorting in Reports
  • Incorrect API limits calculations on Binance
  • Auto-stop filters issue on OKx
  • Large order size issues on OKx
  • Trading Performance tab errors
  • Values allignment in Order tabs
  • TP/SL fixes
  • Close using Market order button fixed on OKx and ByBit
  • Joins in Average algorithms
  • Partial fills leading to CPU and API limit overloads
  • Frozen positions on OKx
  • Wrong trading results in Reports tab
  • Market Watcher initialization error
  • Newly listed pairs being added to Market Live without Core restart
  • Reconnect to remote VPS issues
  • FPS dropping to 1 when reconnecting to the same profile
  • TP/SL settings not being saved on OKx
  • Discrepancies in values of TP/SL in the Positions tab and on the chart
  • Inability to close Client window
  • Immediate involuntary closing of positions after opening positions
  • Possibility to change leverage size with open orders on the market
  • Improper functioning of SL delay when trading manually
  • Core initialization issues on ByBit
  • Involuntary TP movement when moving the SL
  • Auto-buy menu incorrect sorting

02 October 2023, v. 0.5.11286

New Features:

  • New Profile menu. Now you have the posibility of creating folders, searching through your Profiles list and setting a default Profile to run on Application launch.
  • Cloud Archive! Enable it in the Main menu, then restart the core. This will allow your core to connect to our new service that provides historical Trades and Tick price lines for the Binance exchange only, at the moment. The data on our Cloud server goes back to June 2023.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: every time you squeeze the chart, to display an older date, the Core will send a request to the Cloud archive to trasnfer the requested data, on slower/lower-end systems, drawing a large number of trades on the Chart will take a significant toll on the system and the quality of the User Experience!
  • Two new Take Profit variants for the Depth Shot algorithm. You now have the option of using either the «historical» TP or the «depth» TP. This new philosophy sets the TP as a percentage of the PRICE movement depending on which new type you chose. Thus, the «historical» TP will place your TP at a distance equal to a percentage of the distance traveled by the price starting 2 seconds before the Depth Shot order was filled (including the depth at which the order was placed). While the «depth» TP will place your TP at a distance equal to a percentage of the distance traveled by the price since the start of the shot and until it filled your order. E.g.: if you select the «Depth» TP for you Depth shot algo and set the TP value at 50% and the Shot that filled your order was equal to 1%, your TP will be placed at 0.5% (50% of the 1% distance the shot traveled until your order was filled).
  • The Order Book can now be disabled from the Chart by going to the Chart Menu (three dots at the top right corner) and enabling or disabling the Order Book checkbox
  • The Mouse scroll speed can now be adjusted by going to the Main Menu —> Controls —> Mouse
  • Drop down menus were revamped to improve scalability and usability


  • Opening trades without TP/SL
  • Message about API limits on ByBit
  • Fixed TP/SL when closing a position on the exchange’s site (Binance)
  • Corrections of the limit on placing orders on ByBit
  • Balance display bug when flipping assets between markets on balances
  • Auto price-down running away from price
  • Time scale on the light theme
  • Auto naming algorithms
  • Disappearance of time ruler from the chart if chart is closed
  • Changing algorithm name in the algorithms tab issue
  • Dropdown issues
  • Coin search
  • Closing a position on OKx with remaining TP/SLs
  • Hotkeys change applies to all profiles
  • On/off columns in tabs

21 September 2023, v. 0.5.11146

Security update applied to our Licenses Server. We strongly recommend updating to this latest public version before 12.00UTC on September 22! After aforementioned date, all previous versions of MoonTrader will not be supported and will become obsolete, rendering them unusable. To continue using our product, please update to this public version.

Thank you for your understanding.

04 September 2023, v 0.5.10842

New Features:

  • BTC delta added to Reports
  • New drawing tool with new functions like locking, changing color and ability to edit the drawn line. Plus we added a new type of ruler that counts time intervals.
  • Added a new parameter to algorithms, for Binance only: «Stop if Order Latency higher than» — this parameter will stop the entire algorithm if the latency for placing or/and canceling orders exceeds the set value. This is an experimental feature and based on the feedback we receive we will either keep it or get rid of it.
  • Added a new parameter for Binance algorithms only: «Order time window» — which allows the users to place a timestamp on the sent orders and set, using this parameter, a time of life for this command, which, the exchange, upon receiving the command, first checks if the se «Order time window» has not expired and then proceeds to either execute or ignore the command. The higher the value, the more likely the command will get executed but simultaneously the higher the exposure to exchange lags, and vice-versa.
  • Added support for Multi-asset Mode on Binance. For details on what this is and how it works, please consult Binance documentation ( Changes are made through the Management Tab.
  • Added visual indicators for the type of order, «v» for virtual and «r» for real orders.
  • Added support for adding/subtracting margin from positions on ByBit
  • Added new parameters to Reports for Depth Shot algorithms: 1) Volume at order level; 2) Distance at order level
  • New design of the Settings menu
  • New UI component for selecting colors
  • Added Hotkeys for changing the Scale of the application (CTRL + plus/minus)
  • New layout of the Reports tab. Now the Filters are expanded by default but can be hidden using the << button on the left upper side of the tab.


  • Positions opening without TP/SL
  • Performance filters malfunction if market is not selected
  • Liquidations on ByBit
  • TP disappearing after split
  • Creating profiles with spaces in the name
  • Error when user clicks on Market Close while SL is being filled
  • SL getting canceled if moving it after Core restart
  • Additional filters in Reports tab
  • TP freezing on spot if moving order to same price
  • Market closing positions on Bybit and OKx
  • Moving a partially filled TP/SL led to an «insufficient margin» error and inability to close position
  • Improper functioning of the «Follow price» button on chart
  • Hotkeys to enable «Follow price» on chart
  • Incorrect display of the number of positions on Bybit after restart
  • Display of newly listed pairs in the Management tab
  • Open/Close position time after core restart
  • Return to main menu window in case of disconnect between client and core
  • Appearance of dead zones when moving full screen windows in the Client
  • Focus after entering (pressing Enter) an algorithm or pair in More Filters in Reports
  • Displaying Client blacklisted pairs
  • Group shot price in debug mode
  • Number of algorithms used in the Auto-stop algorithms

15 August 2023, v 0.5.10630

  • HOTFIX: Binance’s latest API endopint changes. Codbase addapted to ensure propper functioning on Binance!

27 June 2023, v 0.5.10234

New Features:

  • Trading Performance. Custom key input field now accepts multiple markets, separated by comma!
  • Implemented a new option: Do not focus on new charts if the active chart has open orders.
  • Changed the default sorting in Trades and Positions.
  • Delta Filters menu has new options: 5 … 55 seconds
  • Coin input field improvement. Start typing, choose from suggestions using the keyboard and continue typing new coins.
  • Optimized trading start time on the new chart.


  • 24h Delta Filter is back from vacation!
  • MacOS infinite Client copies after update.
  • (bnb) Autobuy fixed.
  • Max orders limit.
  • Averages algo with multiorders leftovers — fixed!
  • More averages fixes.
  • Possibility to edit the markets of a running algorithm.
  • Reset TP/SL in Positions.
  • Partial fills processing.
  • Bybit & OKX — «Join selected failed».
  • Positions tab sorting.
  • Export to *.csv. More accurate data is now exported.
  • If all markets are on the Core Blacklist, the ability to trade is changed to impossible.
  • More partial fills and partial liquidations fixes

14 June 2023, v 0.5.10053


  • ByBit commission in reports
  • Binance partial fill issue
  • ByBit data processing optimizations
  • OKx optimizations
  • Export Reports to CSV
  • Order Book rendering optimizations
  • Algorithm tab sorting
  • Iceberg orders
  • CPU usage increase if users have not passed the Derivatives market quiz
  • Mark price filter
  • Frozen orders during listing
  • Incorrect display of leverage size on newly listed pairs

New Features:

  • New Algorithm — Depth Shot. For in depth details, please refer to the algorithm’s tool tip in the Algorithm Parameters info box and please check out the video on our YouTube channel.
  • New Filter — Funding filter. This filter will allow users to enable/disable trading by an algorithm based on the Funding Rate. It will also allow users to enable/disable trading on pairs with a specific Funding Rate for a specific period of time before/after the funding commission is paid! Please check out the detailed video on our YouTube channel.
  • A new version of the Graphics Engine that will fix the issue of a crashing Client, especially for Mac users!
  • A pair Chart that has a order in the Order Book will not automatically close
  • It is now possible to restart the Core from the Client with the additional parameters: a) clean up Order Cache b) clean up the Archive
  • Double-clicking an entry in the Reports tab will open the corresponding pair at the time the deal was made
  • The new Light Theme
  • Possibility of selecting all/none of the checkboxes of drop down menus
  • Coin search will use English keyboard layout regardless of system layout
  • Pop-ups can be closed using ESC key
  • Dust auto-burn added to Menu —> Core Profile —> General
  • Hotkeys for increasing/decreasing TP% (CTRL + up/down arrow) and SL% (ALT + up/down arrow)
  • Performance Filters are moved higher up the Algorithm Menu to be closer to other Filters!
  • The «Delta Check Frequency» parameter in all Algorithm menus is changed to «Filter Check Frequency» and now checks all filters
  • Order Price Distance line is now rendered when Debug Mode is enabled for Averages algorithms

IMPORTANT! The Order Book is costly, in terms of API request weight! And each time when we subscribe to the order book of any pair we want to open up, we receive a snapshot of that order book which eats into your API limits. Additionally, the frequency at which the Order Book is updated will directly impact the system resources usage on the machine running the core as well as the hardware. We’ve decided to reduce the Order book update frequency by default. This action can be reverted by our users. To do so, go to Options —> Graphs —> Content, at the bottom you will find the checkbox for this action. If checked, the settings will be applied to the next newly opened chart. This is ONLY APPLICABLE to Binance!

17 May 2023, v 0.5.9746

  • HOT FIX for ByBit after API documentation changes

20 April 2023, v 0.5.9357


  • Order retrieval after Core crash
  • Automatic initialization of algorithms with a change of parameters when using old versions of algos
  • Order book freezing when saving layout profiles with two or more charts
  • Second stop loss trigger
  • Changes in the Telegram menu are now saved without restarting the kernel
  • Disabling TP stopped the TP/SL algorithm on OKx
  • Incorrect volumes in the USDT order book on OKx
  • Wrong calculations of the order sizes and TP/SL on coins with multiple zeros after the decimal point on OKx
  • Updating TP values when changing the TP field in the Positions tab on OKx
  • Delay notifications in the Telegram bot
  • Calculation of the Avg Algorithms Trigger at high CPU load
  • Setting a Stop-Limit Stop Loss at the wrong price in case of a partial fill, which caused spamming in the logs
  • Growth of the order size when dragging the limit price close to zero
  • Ability to remove running algorithms
  • Bug which allowed a nonexistent pair to be used in an algorithm
  • Changing the size of the order led to a change of the shadow area in the Order book only after restarting the chart
  • Removed the non-existent 24h absolute delta from the algorithms
  • Incorrect display of balances in the Telegram bot
  • Removed the ability to add/remove pairs from the working algorithm
  • Impossibility of choosing the «Previous» order size increase in Multi-order section of Averages algorithm
  • Counting the number of algorithms in the panel of algorithms
  • Algorithms debug mode when auto-start is enabled
  • Drawing of trading volumes when using candlestick charts
  • Deleting a large number of algorithms, leading to errors in rendering the panel of algorithms
  • When changing the parameters of algorithms in groups, changes were not applied to all selected algorithms in some cases
  • Jumping of the first digit when changing the values of the order size buttons

New Features:

  • ByBit Exchange support added! Now you can create API keys for ByBit (both Main accounts and Sub-accounts are supported) using their Unified Trading Account option to trade on ByBit using MoonTrader!
  • Updated API key entry form in profile creation menu
  • Added support for RSA private keys for Binance
  • Added Auto Merge for Shot Algorithms
  • Added Combine Key to Shot Algorithms
  • Added funding display on OKx
  • A new color scheme!
  • AUTO-SPLIT! Automatic splitting of a position when filling an order. You can choose the number of TP/SL and the distance between them. This feature is accessible in the Order section of the Manual trading menu at the top of the screen
  • Added a new block of functionality in the Trades and Positions tab: now any position can be closed using Market as before, can have TP/SL restored to it, can close using a market or limit order and getting the trade registered in Reports.
  • The possibility to set a distance of «0» in the averages (for instant placing of orders according to the set parameters of orders)
  • Added new parameter of the algorithm to the Shot algorithm: Replace delay. This is a delay for your order when moving away from price, as opposed to the Follow Price Delay!
  • Added deltas to Reports! They are hidden by default. You should click on the three dots in the top right corner in Reports and turn on the ones you are interested in. When exporting your reports to CSV, all existing data, including the hidden columns will be exported autormatically.
  • Added checkbox «Iceberg» to all algorithms
  • When adding Other Symbols Delta Filters, you can now select a coin in another market! Example: a shot group set up to trade on Futures, can now monitor the delta of BTCUSDT on the Spot market!
  • Added Iceberg to Signals!
  • Added icon Iceberg to the Algorithms tab
  • New UI for the Market Live tab, which is similar to the Management tab.
  • New UI for Reports tab: added new fields + possibility to hide/show the necessary columns + delta
  • Updated UI of the main coin chart! Now most of the indicators on the chart in the upper left corner have the ability to customize by clicking on the triangle at the end of the indicator.
  • In the tab of balances, appeared the possibility of burning dust (give-a) in BNB. In the upper right corner of the tab Balances new button «Dust».
  • In Market Live added deltas from 5sec to 55sec, they can be added with the menu customization (three horizontal dots) in the upper right corner of the panel.
  • Added performance filters in Signals
  • Possibility of working with lists. You can now create a list in the Management Tab, then Select the desired pairs by ticking the check-box and adding multiple pairs to specific lists. Then these lists can be added to Algorithms by using the dropdown section at the right of the pair input fields.
  • Auto Stop on Balances logic reworked. Now the algorithm will take into account the PNL of the open positions! Thus if the PNL of the open positions is negative and has exceeded the value set in the Auto Stop, the selected algorithms will stop and additionally now the user can check the box to Panic Sell all open positions if the Auto stop limit is exceeded!

22 February 2023, v.0.5.8441

Known issues:

We are facing issues with all trading pairs that have more than 8 decimal points (0.xxxxxxxx) on OKx, we highly recommend adding these to the Core blacklist to avoid trading on such pairs. To find all such pairs, go to Live Market and sort the lists by Ticker price (last column). Most popular are:






  • Funds transfer to/from Coin-M on Binance
  • Stop limit order placement on OKx via Telegram bot
  • Miscellaneous fixes

New Features:

  • A redesigned main Interface:

    1) The Settings Menu is accessible directly from its icon located in the lower left side of the screen (Gear icon)

    2) The Profile Menu is accessible directly in the upper right corner of the screen, displaying the currently used Profile

    3) The Core commands are now accessible faster through the old Main Menu dropdown

    4) The Layout presets are moved to the lower left part of the screen above the Settings menu

  • Second Stop Loss was added for all Shot algorithms and for Manual trading

  • Manual Trading block revamp:

    1) Now your manual trading can make use of Presets too! You can customize the manual trading instruments you use, the Order size buttons, the Order types, the TP and SL percentages and save them into different Presets so you could quickly adapt your entire trading to the current market situation. The Manual trading Preset menu is located to the left of the Order size buttons at the top of the main screen.

    2) All Manual trading settings (Order types, TP/SL order types, Order size buttons settings and more) are accessible through the 3 horizontal buttons at the end of the Manual trading section (to the right of the SL% box)

    3) The TP/SL section of the Manual trading Menu now allows users to enable the 2nd SL for manual trading too. The mechanics are similar to those previously used in the Averages algorithm.

    4) The «Grid» tab in the Manual trading Menu now contains settings that would allow users to instantly place multiple orders on the market manually. The tab allows the user to set up the number of simultaneously placed order, the distance between them and the size increase in %, similar to the Multi-order function in the Average algorithm.

  • Algorithms Tab revamp. Now users can simultaneously Edit multiple algorithms! Users can check the boxes for the desired algorithms (provided that these are similar types of algorithms and all selected algorithms are stopped) and click the Edit button on the top right hand side corner of the Algorithms tab. The edit window that will show up will display a yellow «Mixed» sign in the boxes where the values for selected algorithms differ among them.

  • Algorithm menu revamp:

    1) Now the various separate sections can be minimized and expanded upon clicking on the name of the section. The layout itself has also change to make it more intuitive and ordered. By default all sections are expanded.

    2) A new parameter was added to the General section of the Algorithms menu — Naming mode. This parameter allows users to switch between a Manual mode — which allows users to traditionally name their algorithms by hand on their own; and Auto mode — this mode allows users to apply a specific formula that would read specific parameters of the algorithm that were specified by users and then use those to automatically name the algorithm based on that information. All acceptable parameters and their explanation are described in the info-tip of the Naming mode in the Client.

    3) A new Parameter was added to all algorithms — Performance Filters. After enabling it with the checkbox, the user must then expand this Parameter to view its contents. By default the parameter if off (disabled). Adding a Performance Filter will allow the user to control the ability of the algorithm to place orders on a specific trading pair or generally based on the performance of a specific Symbol’s (trading pair’s) global performance (all results on that pair, regardless of how these were achieved, manually, automatically etc); a Symbol’s performance as part of the algorithm that is being edited; the entire Algorithm’s (Algo) total performance or based on a Custom key — allowing the user to select as a reference for the current Algo’s ability to place orders a different Algorithm, results of Manual trading or received Liquidations etc.

    4) Averages Group algorithm receives a new parameter — Join key. To use this parameter, the Join on first fill parameter above must be enabled first. Thus, the possible combinations for this parameters are: if disabled, the TP/SLs of this algorithm will join with all other TP/SLs on the same trading pair; if enabled but no Join key is given, the TP/SLs of this algorithm will join with all other TP/SLs on the same trading pair; if enabled and Join key (any combination of letters and digits), the TP/SLs of this algorithm will join with TP/SLs of all other algorithms on the same trading pair with a similar Join key. IMPORTANT: one special case exists for this parameter — if Join on first fill is disabled but Join key is enabled and uses a specific key, the TP/SLs of this algorithm will still join exclusively with TP/SLs of all other algorithms on the same trading pair that use the same key BUT the Join will cannot be triggered by this algorithm but will wait to be triggered by either another algorithm with the same join key and the «Join on first fill» enabled, or the user could manually Join the TP/SLs and the ones with the same key would join.

    5) Averages algorithm logic and performance overhaul. We have put in a lot of time and effort into improving and optimizing the efficiency of the Averages algorithm. You should now experience a smoother and less resource-intensive performance of this algorithm.

    6) Averages algorithm now uses a preset list of short and long periods, you can no longer input the short period by hand.

    7) Shot algorithms restart delay now restarts the algorithm based on the parameter set in this field in the event of a stop on Latency, an Exchange error (5xxx), an order is cancelled outside Shot Algorithm logic, and order has expired, an order was Liquidated.

  • A new Panel was added — Trading Performance. To access this panel, go to the Menu dropdown (top left corner) and select it from the Panels list. This new tab contains information similar to the Reports tab but it displays the performance of each trading pair based on several temporal rolling windows and are differentiated based on the source that generated the result on said pair. Thus users in this tab can analyze either the performance of an algorithm or of a specific pair, Globally or more specifically based on the source of the results.

  • 24h Relative delta was added to OKx

  • Confirmation dialog added to following actions: close Client window, Run All algoirthm, Stop All algorithms.

  • MoonTrader licenses can now be Upgraded/Downgraded on your MoonTrader account’s page.

28 December 2022, v. 0.5.7827


  • HOT FIX for trading on OKx after the implementation of changes into its API documentation

19 December 2022, v.0.5.7698


  • UDS Restart fix. fixed the continuous increase in RAM used when UDS restarts
  • SL triggered immediately after position opened.
  • «Cancel if out of range» ignored if «Do not cancel if executed» is active fixed
  • Quantitative Rules set to ON by default
  • Mark Price filter fix
  • CPU load to 99% if Delta check frequency = 0 fixed
  • [OKx] Missing TP/SL fix on

New Features:

  • Quick Open Spot pair. Right-click on the Tab header of a Futures pair now also allows quickly opening the same pair on the SPOT Market and vice-versa.

09 December 2022, v.0.5.7596


  • MIN_Notional critical bug fixed that would cause the TP/SL algorithm to malfunction in case of a partially filled order. Closing the position with TP would cause excessive buying of an asset. In case of partial fill, the SL would be moved immediately in the opposite Order Book and close the position immediately.
  • Averages algorithm restart fix
  • Added a Holiday splash screen

07 December 2022, v.0.5.7539


  • In light of Binance changing one of the parameters of their API response, we were forced to adjust due to the arising issues on SPOT trading! The issues consisted of endless accumulation of Coins when trying to close a position, positions opening without TP and SL.

05 December 2022, v. 0.5.7497


  • abnormal increase in RAM consumption on OKx
  • Using of alternative exact time server in case of failure of main one
  • Spam to kernel log after restart when setting TP/SL
  • Websocket error on OKx
  • if the order is partially filled, the sound notification will come less often
  • Drawing on the chart fixed
  • When setting the chart scale 200% the settings panel does not cover the entire terminal
  • Incorrect data in the Client’s status panel
  • When closing positions by TP, positions remained in the positions tab
  • Error in rendering of Auto-Stop Filters tab when opening additional tabs of Auto-Stop Filters
  • Conflict between client blacklist and kernel blacklist. when adding a coin to the client’s blacklist, it disappeared and it was impossible to add it to the kernel’s blacklist later
  • Removed compression checkbox from Archive settings due to change in data storage logic
  • Error closing the position with the Market button in the positions tab
  • Error {«code»:-2011, «msg»: «Unknown order sent»} when using Max Market
  • Change of SL trailing spread from positions tab
  • Spam in log when using 0 delay while auto-buying BNB with Futures enabled
  • Error after pressing save and run in algorithms menu
  • Order loss: CANCEL order failed: BadRequest
  • Error when moving Stop-Limit SL
  • Removed «change applied after reloading» notification for Auto-Purchase, Archive and Telegram integration
  • Unused parameters in algorithms are now colored gray to avoid confusion
  • Error in calculation of the number of orders placed by the Aver algorithm.
  • On OKx the fillFee is NULL error
  • TP is running away from the price
  • Shots lost
  • Ability to set negative values for trailing SL and watch how SL moves away from the price
  • Closing position when limit is reached according to Binance Quantitative Rules. Now we will be able to close position using TP ONLY with Hedge Mode OFF !
  • Disabling magnet (auto-scrolling chart) when user moves the chart away from the edge
  • Numerous fixes in Telegram bot
  • Fixed graphical bugs when working with folders of algorithms
  • Added new levels of chart scale (20-100-500-1000%). Especially helpful in cases of huge price changes as on SNMBUSD, WEMIX on OKx etc.
  • Errors in partial closing of positions when there is a lack of BNB
  • Display of available balance on the chart on OKx
  • Display of liquidations in reports on OKx
  • Display of partial fills in reports on OKx
  • Error spamming to core when TP/SL is lost
  • Removed sorting by «Direction» and «Size» in Algorithms tab
  • Tuned delta filters in algorithm settings
  • Automatically decreased leverage to maximum allowed by the market + notification in the client. In Menu —> Profile Kernel —> General we added ability to enable/disable automatic change of leverage to maximum allowed by exchange. (On by default)
  • Closing position with negative margin
  • Price fix of stop-limit short order
  • Price filter error fix
  • Mark-Price Filter Fix for Single Bid
  • Check for non-existing markets in algorithm settings (lists)
  • fixed bug with delay on closing/modifying tabs
  • Fix recording of positive trades as negative ones in reports

New Features:

  • Chart freeze. The chart will not move as new trades arrive. We have added a button near the follow button which, when enabled, will return focus to the current moment horizontally (hot keys ctrl+space) but NOT vertically! By pressing the second follow button, the chart will return into focus both vertically and horizontally.
  • Copy settings of Management tab to clipboard to transfer these settings to another profile/account
  • Optimization of Group Shots/Averages algorithms
  • Stopping Averages on latency increase
  • Added 24h delta to algorithms
  • Completely redesigned Algorithms tab. You can now change parameters directly from the tab. The folder can only contain one type of algorithm, its icon changes to an algorithm type icon the first time it is added to it. No other algorithm type can be dragged there. As long as only folders are created, the empty state remains. A folder without algorithms only has a name and a folder icon. When all algorithms are stopped, Sop all is inactive. And vice versa for Run all.
  • Ability to copy folders (groups) with algorithms
  • New Algorithm, SIGNALS. Now you can create an algorithm that will place orders according to the specified parameters when a signal is received from the specified Telegram channels. This algorithm only works in conjunction with our Telegram bot who needs to be configured to read the desired Telegram channels for the corresponding signals. You can read more here:
  • Added 1 Second candlesticks for Spot Market on Binance
  • Ability to edit the maximum amount of RAM used by the Core in the Client’s Core settings (Settings —> Core Profile —> System)
  • Telegram notifications for emulated trades
  • The Profile change procedure has been redesigned and simplified. Now you can change the profile without leaving the profiles menu, but directly from the running client. The Profiles section appeared in the main menu (top left corner). If you want to go back to the main profiles menu, you may do so under the main menu.
  • Ability to see the positions with negative margin in the positions tab, and add there the margin for closing them!
  • In the Client settings added the ability to limit the maximum number of automatically opened tabs, i.e. tabs that opened on a signal from Algorithms and listings. When this limit is reached, a notification in the client will pop up!
  • Minimum value of long period in Averages is now 3 seconds!
  • It is possible to change the sensitivity of clicks when manually placing orders in the Order Book and moving the mouse at the same time
  • Added scrolling in the Layout drop-down menu
  • Double-clicking on any tab/graph opens full screen
  • Possibility to set delay for auto-buy (in seconds)
  • We have created a new Market Saver algorithm solely for saving trade data into the archive, the icon in the Algorithm tab list is in the form of a floppy disk.
  • Added a scroll to the list of algorithms when compressing.

21 October 2022, v. 0.5.7022


  • Cancel Order by Server 50004
  • Totals not displayed correctly in Position tab footer
  • Position tab when no position but tpsl algos > 0
  • NRE on checkbox click in empty reports panel
  • Deposit dialog (in Balances tab)
  • Removed Margin from Binance valid markets list.
  • Adjusted UI components to take in consideration valid markets.
  • Fixed API Limits UI (Status Bar) styles
  • Partial liquidations report calculation fix
  • Changed license initialization error messages to human-readable.
  • Fixed entry point line drawing after Join
  • Action buttons appear when hovering anywhere over the row. (Tabs: Balance, Orders, Trades & Positions, Management)
  • Fixed db manager throwing an error
  • Stop Market Order zero value issue
  • Panic Sell issue
  • Data transfer bottleneck when Joining multiple positions
  • Optimization required for sleeping Group Shots
  • SL triggered Error code -4131, -2013
  • “Move order failed:Order does not exist” after restarting MTCore with algorithms enabled
  • Untriggered position opening
  • Trades & positions panel, make futures markets clickable when no position, but with trades
  • Optimized telegram sending notification process.
  • PNL and profitability calculation issues
  • TP placement and Market Order placement errors due to Mark Price discrepancy
  • Second SL trailing function issue
  • Auto-stop issue
  • Time desynchronization issue
  • TP/SL mistake Trades & Positions Entry Price is listed as 0
  • Removed Margin from valid markets for Binance
  • Error «Index was outside the bounds of the array»
  • TP/SL will repeat placing real order if previous attempt has failed
  • [OKx] bug fixed during listings, the Open Price/ High Price fields dispalyed null values
  • Averages algorithm stop, when run/stop button becomes grey until restart
  • Auto-stop on balance for Spot Market
  • [OKx] Create Order error 51006 Order when price is not within the price limits
  • If API keys expiration is within the next 24 hours, Client sends a notification every hour
  • You can now click on options menu to open settings panel

New Features:

  • Added new parameters to Active Market Filters in Group algorithms:
    • Ignore First – allows users to start trading from any position of the sorted list of trading pairs that have passed the global filters. If 0 (zero), the orders will be placed from the first pair in the list.
    • List sorting frequency – allows users to set a time interval (in seconds) for the list to be refreshed according to the global filters and sorting order (ascending or descending). We do not recommend setting a value of less than 3 seconds.
  • Refactored Balances tab
  • Cancelled TP/SL will be placed back. Users can still disable TP/SL from the Trades and Positions tab
  • Implemented OKx coin-margined Market
  • Defined correct names and abbreviations for tabs in OKx (instead of using Binance nomenclature; e.g.: USD-M)

18 October 2022, v 0.5.6952

Hot Fix:

  • Binance Futures websocket restart loop error

20 September 2022, v 0.5.6714

Fixed issues:

  • Panic sell if Stop Loss disabled issue
  • Stop Market order 0 price issue
  • [OKx] Cancel Order by Server 50004: Endpoint request timeout

IMPORTANT: Version naming convention has changed starting with the current verion!

8 September 2022 v 16544


  • PnL fluctuations when enabling/disabling TP/SL in Positions tab
  • Open orders indicator
  • Negative value order placement in Emulation mode
  • Order size tool should not accept negative values
  • All Telegram notifications start with profile name
  • Client blacklist issue
  • OKx Algorithms Auto-Start malfunction
  • Stop Limit SL issue
  • «Save settings» button issue
  • Emulation using a Zero order size value
  • Averages Max Markets filter issue
  • Live Market USDT-M initialization fail
  • OKx Balances representation issue
  • Binance Balances representation issue
  • Shot orders frozen on exchange
  • Excessive manual movement of the avg multi-order leading to error
  • Leverage modification in Managament tab
  • Shot algo using «Max Markets» > 2 lead to crash
  • Spot balances show excess coins.
  • OKx error 51001: Instrument ID does not exist
  • Remote Core crashes when connecting with profile set up for different exchange
  • Virtual TP triggering logic
  • Stop Limit SL cancellation issue
  • Trade result issue: Total (negative) is different from Price delta (positive)
  • Spot Stop Limit
  • Current price and Orderbook synchronization issue
  • Listing Notification do not check Telegram settings
  • Stop Limit SL disappeared after Join
  • Untriggered position opening
  • Mark price filter- affects the work of the algorithms
  • Post Only orders disappears from order book while moving during manual and automated trading
  • OKx does not send trades snapshots to new subscribers if connecting to same core from different Client
  • Irregular latency increase on OKx when using emulated Shot Algo
  • Core crashes in case of multiple orders and graphs opened by Averages algorithm
  • Post Only order on Spot market issue
  • Layout Reset button issue
  • AVG algo triggering issue
  • «Orders» tab «USDT-M» section error
  • OKx Order error 50004 = Endpoint request timeout
  • «Cancel delay» issue in Averages algorithm
  • Stop Price update issue
  • OKx Move TP/Order
  • OKx Possible memory leak while running shot algorithms
  • OKx Emulator using trades qty as coins should use qty as contracts (where relevant)
  • Sorting by filters in Avg/Shot group algorithms
  • Market Live update issue


  • Added icons to Tables tabs, added colored symbols to chart tabs.
  • Refactored Trades & Positions Panel to use columns features. Now you can customize the Tab by removing (by clicking the 3 vertical dots in the right upper corner of the Tab), moving or changing the width of columns!
  • New Algorithm Filter parameter. Sorting Method. Allows the User to both limit the number of active Markets and set a hierarchy for the markets that pass all other global filters. This feature allows for better allocation of resources. Set a Filter for sorting the Markets list from a larger list of markets that pass all other filters. These Filters will add a specific weight, if there are multiple principles, each sorting of the initial list will add its weight to the final list. The result of the limitation of the number of markets and the application of the sorting Filters will be a list, that in time, will have Markets enter or leave it and the algorithm will either start or stop based on this. Example: if the global filter Markets is USDT-M and the Quote asset filter is USDT, a list of over 100 Markets will constitute the list the algorithm must work with, if the user wants to trade on 10 most volatile Markets of this list only, then the Max active markets must be set to 10 and the sorting Filter must be set to «1h d» + «descending» (the downward pointing arrows). For more details, check Info Tool-tips throughout the Client’s interface
  • Remove Chart drawings icon added to the Drawing Panel that clears all drawn lines and items on the Chart.
  • Focus on auto-opening new Charts. This new feature is added to the Options -> System sub-menu. The feature allows the user to decide whether the focus window will remain on the currently active Chart OR jump th a newly automatically opening Chart, be that from a new Listing or a setting of one of the Algorithms.  
  • Scroll added for long notifications in the Notifications pop-out menu
  • We removed exchange selection from Algorithm Menus. The system automatically detects what Exchange is in use.
  • Orders table revamped
  • Title bar revamp for both Client window and Core console window. The information is now more tidily displayed.
  • Export Report to CSV. It is now possible to extract your reports to a CSV file located inside the MT working folder (full path will be displayed after the operation is done). To export, first choose the desired time fram, press the Filter Reports button so the desired export list gets populated and then click on the Export button located to the right of the Filter Reports button. IMPORTANT: the Export function will create a CSV file strictly containing the information currently displayed in the Reports tab! Thus first you have to populate the list with the desired data in the Client and only then export it.

19 July 2022 v 15889


  • Auto-Stop issues fixed
  • Used margin calculation fix for positions opened using Cross Margin type
  • Balance calculations fix
  • License activation issue fixed
  • Frozen TP/SL fix
  • Refactored Shot Algo order quantity error messages
  • Changed notification for MinNotional error
  • Max Quantity Market Stop loss fix
  • Number rounding fix


  • OKx Exchange Support added! IMPORTANT! To create an OKx Profile, you will need an OKx License on our webpage. At the moment, we are offering the OKx license only in its PRO version and only for FREE !!! We expect OKx users to have knowledge of how the exchange operates, what are the particularities of this Exchange compared to Binance. For reference, please feel free to consult the Docs section on our webpage. The main difference when creating API Keys, is that unlike Binance, to OKx uses one extra parameter called simply a «Passphrase» that the user must generate when creating the keys. This «Passphrase» then must be passed into its corresponding field when creating the Profile for trading on OKx in the MoonTrader Client. When creating an OKx Profile, make sure to select the correct Exchange of the two available choices!
  • Market Info Tab is now obsolete and replaced by the Management Tab (if missing from your layout consider resetting your layouts OR just open it from the «Panels» sub-menu of the Main Menu from the left upper corner of the Screen). The Management Tab now allows users to adjust Leverage Size, Margin Type, adding/removing Markets and Trade Pairs to/from the Client (eye icon) and Core (padlock icon) Blacklists! Additionally, the Management Tab allows users to create Lists! These lists will be very useful in future iterations of MoonTrader when algorithms will make full use of them (users will be able to directly access the lists inside the algos not having to type out pairs manually or pasting them from elsewhere).
  • The Positions tab has changed its name to Trades & Positions and has now displays the Positions that are open and the TP/SL orders that were generated from these! The Positions Tab now allows users to both enable and disable as well as change the distance of the TP and SL orders on the fly!
  • NEW Algorithm Parameters! The following New parameters and filters were added to both Shot and Averages algorithms:
    • Price step Filter — a filter that will allow the algorithm to place orders ONLY IF the price step (in absolute percentage value of the current price) is within the provided range!
    • Mark Price Filter — only available on the USDT-M and COIN-M markets! This filter allows the user to specify a range for the deviation of the mark price from the current price. If the deviation exceeds the specified range, the algorithm will not place orders. This parameter accepts relative values! i.e. you can use negative values for a mark price lower than the current price and positive values (without the «plus» sign) for a mark price higher than the current price. Either way, the values should be introduced from lesser to greater, for example: -1 — 0.5
    • Cancel if out of range — now both Coin Delta Filters and Delta Filters have the option to «Cancel if out of range», which will make the algorithm cancel the orders placed by it IF the delta values for the specified parameter will go out of the specified range!
    • Quantitative Rules calculator added to Averages Algo — works just like it does for Shots algo. Protects your account from being banned from trading in case of exceeding Binance’s Quantitative Rules.
    • Do not Cancel if Executed added to Averages Algo — works with the Use Cancel Delay parameter. If checked, this parameter will STOP the Cancel Delay timer and will NOT remove the multi-orders placed by the algorithm on the triggered market. The orders will remain on the market even if Cancel Delay runs out.
    • Max Orders parameter added to Averages Algo — allows users to limit the number of orders that the Algorithm will place per Market
    • Max Active Markets parameter added to Shot Group Algo — allows the user to limit the number of Markets the Algorithm will actively trade on.
  • Core Commands in Core Profile Menu. Now users can Restart the Core from the Client directly! Open the Options Menu and go to Core Profile => System. In addition to the old Core Blacklist menu that is now redundant with the Addition of the Management tab, a new sub-menu: Core Commands, allows the users to Restart the Core (restart [no update]) or shut it down altogether. This command is sent to the Core that the Client is connected to so it doesn’t matter if your Core is on a VPS or running locally.
  • Telegram Integration update. The Telegram Integration sub-menu is now more flexible and customizable, allowing users to enable/disable more notifications.

27 May 2022 v 15551


  • system will cancel orders if it fails to get available balance or has not enough balance to Auto-Buy
  • Averages max position size fix
  • Auto price down after join bug fix
  • Improvement: after join several auto price downing take profits will continue to auto price down from join price
  • Improvement: averages algorithm does not stop while active anymore
  • Fixed possible crash on very fast VMs.
  • Fix Core shutdown stucks on «GroupAlgorithm stopping»
  • Improvement: position with size less than minNotional now able to close with Market/Limit close position button
  • Removed endless GetOrder loop during order restoration from DataBase in UDS
  • Added check if order is preorder or moved and GetOrder returns «order does not exist»
  • Reports database optimizations
  • TP/LS will place new market order if previous market order has been expired and there is still some qty to sell
  • Modify leverage now ignores not tradable markets
  • Modify margin type now ignores not tradable markets
  • Telegram reporting fixed time interval
  • Localization updates


  • Emulation mode — MoonTrader now offers the possibility of running your algorithmic trading and manual trading in an Emulated Mode! This mode does not use your balance yet enjoys all the same functionality as your regular manual or algorithmic trading would have.

    Enabling Emulation Mode for manual trading is done from the upper Order Type panel. When expanded, the Emulation checkbox should be checked to enable Emulation Mode. A red label reading Emulation On will appear at the top next to the TP field

    Enabling Emulation Mode for any trading algorithm is done by checking the Emulation box in the «General» section of the algorithm. The word «Emulation» will turn red!

    IMPORTANT: Emulated orders use Trades as the data source to work; thus, they will subscribe to this source regardless of what you’ve chosen in your algorithm settings. This can potentially lead to an increased load on the system if a very high number of Emulated orders are run simultaneously by your Emulated algorithm!

16 May 2022 v 15460

Hot fix:

  • Price ratio calculation fix for LUNABUSD and USTBUSD

23 April 2022 v 15328


  • Client Fix, the issue leading to the Crashing of the Client was detected and removed.
  • Fixed unwanted core restart when unhandled exception occurred during process shutdown
  • Fixed «Fatal error while logging another fatal error.» occurred on Windows Server
  • Fixed core settings black list save
  • Fixed TP/SL stop after liquidation while using stopLimit stopLoss fix
  • Jumping to current time and centering graph when graph type is changed
  • Virtual takeProfit fix
  • Join and move at the same time of multiple Take Profits fixed
  • Stop limit price filter fixes
  • Handling -1000 -1001 -1007 errors during placement of order
  • Fixed debug info initialization on Start All (algos) action
  • Fixed report liquidation side
  • While hedge mode is on TP/SL stop will be executed only if TP/SL side related to liquidated position
  • Move order fix if connection lost
  • Fixed error messages
  • Binance Futures listing fix
  • Split order fix
  • changed Telegram notifications
  • Algo folders delete button fix
  • Status bar fix
  • Auto-buy Min Notional fix
  • Error -4131 that forced core crash and restart fix
  • Miscellaneous stability fixes and optimizations


  • System update notifications to Telegram
  • API ban notifications to Telegram
  • Periodic Trading Report notifications to Telegram
  • Exchange auto-initializates by default.
  • MoonTrader License Validity notifications to Telegram
  • Binance API KEY validity notifications to Telegram

UI Changes:

  • The old Badges for the Futures Market (F) and the Delivery Market (D) are now replaced by U (according to Binance’s USDT-M) and C (for Coin-M) accordingly
  • Order Type selector changed to drop-down menu instead of the old button list
  • Color scheme and Fonts have slightly changed to improve sharpens and readability

31 March 2022 v 15085


  • fixed issue of Shot Algorithm that stopped the algorithm until manual restart

25 March 2022 v 15052


  • fixed Client crashing out
  • Trade history (if archive is enabled) will now draw from present to past
  • fixed QR ban information processing
  • added notification if user get symbol/account banned
  • fixed Archive bug
  • if order is filled during TP/SL order cancellation, it will update qty storage
  • fixed Data Base error (data conversion)
  • fixed QR manager that would apply restrictions to placing orders on Spot market
  • fixed/added sorting in profile list
  • fixed incorrect volume calculations on Depth Graph (Delivery)
  • added using core blacklist during listings
  • added Core blacklist usage to Algos
  • client black list (refactoring)
  • applying blacklist to lists and filters in the Client
  • fixed DBManager error
  • fixed dotted shader
  • debug avg lines
  • adjusted menu dropdown
  • light theme adjustments
  • adjusted algorithm debugging UI
  • fixed cross position on graph scroll

New Features:

  • Light Theme is now available for the Client. To switch between Light and Dark themes, go to Options => Appearance => Colors (NOTE: changing the theme will restore all customized colors to default. The theme change will happen only after the Client has been restarted!)
  • Core Blacklist — a feature that allows users to reduce the number of pairs/markets the Core will handle, thus reducing the strain on the core and reducing the resource usage. The feature is accessible through Options => Core Profile => System (NOTE: Changes will come into effect only after Core restart!)

14 March 2022 v 14935

Hot Fix:

  • Order cancellation on Quantitative Rule fix (didn’t display the proper message in the Client previously)

12 March 2022 v 14930


  • Quantitative Rules management system Overhaul. It is now virtually impossible to receive a Ban based on Binance’s new trading rules. The quantitative rules protection is enabled in the algorithm menu by default!
  • new Trade Archive version. Improved stability and reduced resource consumption.
  • tp/sl algo preorder fix
  • second stop trailing fix
  • Fix unhandled exception processing
  • Improve MTLogger behavior during shutdown process
  • Fix Core not to send ‘port is busy’ error
  • Avoid excessive CPU usage when compressing logs
  • Fix “log is already open” issue (open another log file)
  • max number of algo orders fix
  • shotAlgo most of «stop on cancel order» changed to «stop on insufficient margin»
  • shotAlgo stop on cancel order no more. Because we could get it under different circumstances for example after core performance overload shotAlgo simply cancelled an order and we want «stop on system overload» notification instead.
  • shotAlgo some logging level changed to WARN
  • shotAlgo added description to some notifications such as «stop on order size filter {error.notificationCode}» which indicates what type of error we got (minQty/maxQty/minNotional etc…)
  • autobuy on minNotional will return false and new notification code to repeat tp/sl placement
  • max number of algo orders fix
  • default OrderSettings StopPricePercentage changed to 1%
  • percentPriceFilter failure in tradePairData will return false
  • index out of range fix
  • added logging for the case if bug will happen again
  • added deltaCalculator reinitiate for the case if bug will happen again
  • Fix Follow Price Delay freeze in Short Algo
  • merged calculating executedQty during real tp/sl movement
  • PlaceOrder will return error.NotificationCode.Exception after we got «connection timed out»
  • MoveOrder will repeat request if PlaceOrder returns exception
  • grid zero price line color (+options)
  • max active markets fix
  • Sending notifications if MT License limits reached.
  • tpslAlgo second stop loss fix
  • Added logic to prevent running multiple core instances with te same name. note: even if name is not yet set, second core instance will fail if CoreConfigWizard is running.

New Feature:

  • Algorithm Debug feature added. This new feature can be accessed in the Algorithm tab. By clicking on the Debug icon in the algorithm row, you enable the Algorithm Debug feature for that specific algorithm. This feature will display all information related to the specific algorithm (if a Shot algorithm will be Debuged, the chart will display the buffer and the order level lines on the graph. If an Averages algorithm is debuged, the chart will display the Average prices for the specified Short and Long time intervals!). NOTE: only one algorithm can be debuged per Chart; thus if more than one algorithm is running on the same pair, the one that was initiated first will be debuged on screen.

24 February 2022 v 14804

  • Added GCR, DR, UFR calculations to quantitative rules manager
  • Fix unhandled exception processing
  • Improve MTLogger behaviour during shutdown process
  • Fix Core not to sending ‘port is busy’ error to Achtung server
  • Avoid excessive CPU usage when compressing logs
  • Fix “log is already open” issue (open another log file)
  • Max number of algorithmic orders fix
  • Shot Algo most of «stop on cancel order» changed to «stop on insufficient margin»
  • Shot Algo stop on cancel order no more. Because we could get it under different circumstances for example after core performance overload shotAlgo simply cancelled an order and we want «stop on system overload» notification instead.
  • Shot Algo some logging level changed to WARN
  • Shot Algo added description to some notifications such as «stop on order size filter {error.notificationCode}» which indicates what type of error we got (minQty/maxQty/minNotional etc…)
  • Atobuy on minNotional will return false and new notification code to repeat tp/sl placement
  • Default OrderSettings StopPricePercentage changed to 1%
  • PercentPriceFilter failure in tradePairData will return false
  • Index out of range fix

16 February 2022 v 14734

  • Reports — new column added: Price Delta %
  • Telegram — change the message format (profit/loss limited to 2 decimal places)
  • Fixed Calendar not showing 31st of January
  • fixed profit indicator, rare nre
  • Delta Calculator fixes
  • Eng Localization Asset fix
  • fixed bug on profit indicator initialization
  • fixed DBNull error (DataBaseManager)
  • Added 5min avg price line on graph [LIGHT BLUE]
  • Fixed critical bug on core/client start when DB was missing.
  • Adjusted Balance list panel (aligning action buttons to the left)
  • Adjusted Positions list panel (aligning action buttons to the left)
  • Properly showing long log messages in client’s status bar and log panel
  • Removed holiday start-up screen
  • Avg Algo warm-up (if the Long Period is 5 minutes, the Avg algo will first gather average prices for 5 minutes then will start comparing to check if algo conditions are fulfilled and orders should be placed)
  • Avg price fix
  • Max number of Algo Orders fix
  • Default OrderSettings StopPricePercentage changed to 1%
  • Added a new iteration of the Trade Archive

30 December 2021 v 14500


  • fixed report list sorting
  • 1 min delta fix
  • Markets Watcher fix
  • Preventing starting algorithms that already run or processing
  • interface buttons fix
  • fixed text input multi-line (text wrap-around)
  • fixed freezing graph panel
  • core-client order update sending optimization
  • additional fail-safe checks (for graph panel stability)
  • limit algorithm selection panel height to 80%
  • second Stop Loss trailing spread fix
  • limit algorithm menu height to 80%
  • removed real/virtual TP/SL option from Averages, Group Averages, Shot, Shot group algorithms
  • new slider design
  • post_only order error fix on spot
  • auto price-down timer fix
  • Fixed archive creation bug for directories with spaces
  • reports Qty USDT fix
  • virtual stop loss malfunction after tp cancelled fix
  • fixed Algo groups sorting, design, group delete
  • fixed UI scale & language wrong reset
  • Stop Limit price placement fix
  • 0 order size on Stop Market orders fix
  • fixed position close with Market button
  • fixed graph line sizing on graph panel size change
  • BNB auto-buy fix
  • fixed zoom inconsistency on candlestick graphs
  • fixed Client freezes on quick graph open/close
  • graph vertical scale is now using mouse position for scale origin instead of «0 price» position
  • fixed live market deserialization error
  • optimized BalanceData, PositionData, AccountInfoData (reduced traffic ~10-15%)
  • ticker prices optimization
  • archived lines drawing

New Features:

  • algorithms list panel (redesign)
  • input settings: alternative order move type hot keys
  • input settings: mouse actions can have «disabled» value
  • order settings: alternative order move type — MOVE_ALL_TO_PRICE
  • new way to move orders (MOVE_ALL_TO_PRICE)
  • Averages Algorithm has gone through a thorough optimization process!
  • TP/SL update, it will now check executed Qty of parent order if it has been moved
  • UI Layouts — now users can save their custom Client layouts by using the Layout feature at the top right corner of the client(save, delete Layouts). Saving a layout will memorize the way the windows are set out and what inner tabs were viewed inside larger Tabs (e.g.: Market Live, Market Info, Orders etc)

04 December 2021 v 14263


  • File manager fix
  • Shots using ticker source fix
  • Second stop-loss fix
  • TP\SL + icebergs multiple fixes fix
  • Balances calculations fix attempt fix
  • Futures BUSD calculation fix
  • TP flickering fix
  • Autojoin dust generation / positions w/o tpsl fix
  • Disabled autoPriceDown TP flickering fixed
  • Lost SL during active manual trading fix
  • Cancel All optimization
  • BNB autobuy logic adjusted
  • Telegram bot update
  • API weight calculations revamped
  • New Database(Reports reset) after refactoring. Significant overhaul in the logic in order to reduce hard disk stress
  • Chart trailing fix
  • Price Filter error fix
  • Positions tab inactive buttons fix
  • Balance list panel fixes + visual elements fixes
  • Open orders on chart indication fixed
  • Chart centering fixed
  • NRE on graph tab close fix
  • Freezing when opening a graph with auto-scale on fix
  • Mark price from archive fix
  • Move order on chart optimized
  • Futures price lag fixed and optimized
  • Order lines optimized, orders update speed optimized
  • Volumes on chart optimized
  • Lines drawing optimized
  • Market data (trades data) processing and display optimized and tested with huge load
  • Default Shots algo source set to ticker source
  • Market data send from core to client optimized to reduce network traffic load
  • Tooltips slight design change
  • Slight design change for all popup panels. (ex: log popup, etc.)
  • order settings tool (added iceberg buttons for order and tp, tpsl panel reordered)
  • Slight design change for all dialogs, dialogs can be dragged now

New Features:

  • Revamped report list panel, new toolbar with new components (date/time calendar custom range is now possible in addition to the preset intervals, market type filter, etc.)
  • Default FPS/AA settings revamp, press F12 to toggle FPS overlay, fix system overload
  • Added Deal open time to Reports
  • Chart drawing tools and settings in the settings menu, icons in new toolbar
  • Relative Deltas added to Markets Info and on-chart display
  • Favorites icon in market search tool, move market to Client Black List icon in market search tool
  • Algo stop notifications added to bottom info area

13 November 2021 v 14050


  • Trailing SL after Second Stop Loss is triggered fix
  • Take Profit duplication when trying to move TP during auto price down bug fix
  • Liquidation messages to Telegram fixed
  • Core Crash when Averages are running under normal conditions fix
  • Trade store changed to Trade archive and revamped for more efficient and less resource intensive operation

New Features:

  • Market watcher Algo can now send messages to Telegram on triggered events

05 November 2021 v 13978

New Features:

  • Averages Algorithm new update:
  • added new parameter «Do not trigger if active»: if market has new or filled orders related to this averages algo it will not trigger again until all orders cancelled and active TP/SL closed
  • added new parameter «Max active markets»: averages group now can count active markets and will not trigger on new markets if limit has been reached
  • cancel delay became optional, if users do not want to cancel orders until filled
  • added new parameter «Max position size»: if averages total possible position size is larger than max position size it will not trigger again until new orders are cancelled or active TP/SL closed. Note that total possible position size calculates as open orders Quantity sum + active TP/SL Quantity.
  • added new parameter «Cancel on first fill»: cancel all new orders if take/stop has been filled
  • added new parameter «Join on first fill»: averages will not wait cancel delay to join orders, instead it will try to join every time new order get filled
  • added new parameters «Use second stop loss», «Second sl trigger distance», «Second sl percentage», «Second sl trailing», «Second sl trailing spread»: When second sl trigger distance reached, tpsl will use second stop loss settings
  • Design revamps:
  • New Profile menu that allows for Language changes and Scale changes from the very start.
  • Main menu Sections are now accessible from the Main Menu drop down.
  • Main Menu tree revamp, Colors and Sounds sections revamped
  • Interface contrast improvements

Bug Fixes:

  • UDS status check for TP/SL during place/move order fix
  • Maximum allowable position error fix
  • TP/SL base-price reverted from ticker Price to trade Source marker (faster virtual order reaction)
  • Added stopPricePercentage recalculate if we got «-4184 Limit price can’t be lower than» or «-4016 Limit price can’t be higher than»
  • «Averages cancel TP/SL out of nowhere» fix
  • Removed garbage logging
  • History for Trades and Tickers redone

18 October 2021 v 13866


  • Balance update fix
  • Miscellaneous fixes
  • General stability improvements

14 October 2021 v 13843


  • Phantom order in Data Base fix
  • Total column in Balance tab is broken
  • Move Order behavior fix, it will move notional volume instead of Qty
  • No DELIVERY/MARGIN spam in log
  • Chart displays multiple liquidation price lines
  • Fixed case when Shot Algo couldn’t move order if there was less than 2x ordersize balance available
  • Requests repeated in 1 min. intervals instead of 1 sec. (No API-limit spent).
  • «return to profiles screen» button added on disconnect
  • Fill level on depth (ask, bid)
  • ShotAlgo latency stop when using tickerSource fixed
  • ShotAlgo performance fix
  • Connection pool threads multiplication fix
  • Stop Limit Stop Loss panic sell fix
  • Stop Limit Stop Loss double spend fix
  • Commission calculation on spot fix
  • Shot/Group Shot algos default parameter distance changed to 2.5, buffer to 0.8
  • Fixed Report calculations in case of liquidation
  • BNB AutoBuy fix
  • Misc Performance improvements
  • Misc UI/UX improvements and fixes

New Features:

  • Algorithm Copy/Paste possibility
  • New Iceberg calculation form
  • New metric, core CPU load, added to resource usage cluster
  • Algo stop on Reports/Balance (Now you can set specific conditions, related to your trading results registered in your Reports tab or the changes to your Balances, into a new instrument that will stop all your algorithms if these conditions are met)
  • New stats in status bar: core ram usage, core threads.
  • Auto-buy if Quantity < minNotional

27 September 2021 v 13653

  • HOT FIX: fixed the 24h QAV (Quote Asset Volume) parameter for all algorithms

24 September 2021 v 13649

New Features:

  • Added Russian language localizations. Now users can switch between Russian and English language by going to the Menu -> System -> Language. Restarting the Client only is needed for the switch.
  • A new Algorithm menu layout with Tool tips and more user friendly parameter grouping (PLEASE NOTE: your old algos will not work with the new layout. You should recreate all the algorithms anew. Make sure you save all the existing parameters when you will be creating the algorithms again)


  • Commission bug fix
  • TPSL fix
  • Averages Algo Cancel delay fix
  • Markets Watcher Algo fix
  • Split Order fix
  • Shot Algo on Delivery Fix
  • Shot Algo on Listing fix

21 September 2021 v 13579

  • Fixed resource consumption (CPU and RAM) when UDS restarts which resulted in Core crash or freeze.
  • Fixed GetOrder spam bug which resulted in API ban and thread multiplication
  • Fixed Auto-buy issues
  • Fixed Commission calculation errors
  • Fixed Shot Algo issues on coin Listings

5 September 2021 v 13497

  • min/max delta fix for Shot/Averages Algo
  • min/max 24hvolume fix for Shot/Averages Algo

1 September 2021 v 13483


  • Join and Auto-join orders in Averages Algo
  • Averages cancelled order handling if it has been filled during cancellation
  • TP/SL Algo trailing stop without take profit fix
  • Divide by zero during MinNotional check fix
  • Unknown Order Sent spam fix
  • Unknown Stop Loss status during join fix
  • Averages now execute join consistently
  • Averages now can execute join with Take Profit disabled
  • Database memory leak fix
  • Client-Core interaction optimization

New Features:

You can now set up an Auto-Buy BNB feature from the Options Menu, to be used for trading fees!

19 August 2021 v 13431


  • Fixed delta calculations

19 August 2021 v 13425


  • Market Live and Market info columns rearranged for better readability
  • Fixed Stop Loss not creating a report entry if Take Profit is not enabled
  • Fixed shots duplication
  • Fixed take Profit duplication during auto price-down
  • Fixed Crash on new pairs listing
  • Fixed mark price data
  • Fixed Averages algorithm resume work after system overload

New Features:

  • Possibility to use hotkeys for selecting order sizes available in the Input Menu
  • Current order size is now displayed under the crosshair horizontal line in the Order Book
  • Auto Price Down Limit now accepts negative values (one potential use case would be trading without a stop-loss, just letting the Take Profit go down from very high to under the entry point if the position wasn’t closed with a profit. Beware, this is extremely risky and potentially disastrous for your deposit)

12 August 2021 v 13357


  • Added saving/loading orders when shutting down/starting the core.
    WARNING: Database version changed! All reports will be lost.
  • Algorithms Fixes.
  • Fixed distance on Join \ Split
  • Fixes of Take Profit operation
  • Network Protocol settings
  • Fixed start/stop Shot Algo
  • Optimization of Market Live
  • New algorithm for Averages \ Averages Groups
  • Optimization of processing large orders
  • Fix for TP/SL during liquidations

NEW Features:

  • Icebergs option in the orders menu
  • Options of price lines on the chart (Bid \ Ask, Ticker, Trades, Mark lines) in the chart settings
  • Liquidation processing (added to database -> REPORT, send to Telegram)
  • New option Shot Algo — Use Ticker source
  • CLOSE active chart hotkey
  • New Parameters for manual trading and Shot Alg. StopLoss delay. AutoPriceDown
  • Hotkeys for «split», «join», «cancel all», «panic»
  • New filter Shot Algo — 24 hours volume
  • The Markets Watcher data source has been changed. Markets Watcher has been significantly optimized.
  • Liquidation line on the chart
  • Telegram notifications improvements (added profile name, algorithm name, arrows)
  • Optimized checking of delta filters of the Shot algorithm, new delta types (market delta, BTC delta, time frames to choose from)

20 July 2021 v 13146

NEW Features:

  • Display current Active chart with an additional border around it


  • default chart type selection fix
  • fixed picking mode for dv info panel
  • autoview, autotraling adjustments
  • trailing speed adjustment
  • fixed opening multiple graphs of same type
  • Added human-readable error description, in red, for the case when API keys can not be decrypted
  • Fixed bug with int32 overflow on Ryzen with 32 cores under Linux

16 July 2021 v 13118

NEW Features:

  • Deltas and 24h rolling Volume now added to the Chart Window
  • Added possibility of choosing a default Chart type when opening new Chart window (Options Menu -> Graph -> Content -> default graph type)
  • Client Blacklist feature allowing the users to hide a specific Symbol/Market/Quote asset from the Search bar results, Live Market list and Market Info lists. IMPORTANT! The format for adding a Market is:  spot/futures/margin etc, the full name of the market you wish to blacklist; for Quote asset: s:usdt (to blacklist all spot pairs that are quoted against USDT); for Symbol: s:dogeusdt (to add dogeusdt pair on Spot to blacklist).
  • Client options and settings are now Profile specific, meaning these settings are now saved in a file inside the profile folder
  • Possibility to open a duplicate of an already open Chart with a different view mode. Right Click on the tab to see the drop-down menu!


  • Live Market tab optimization
  • Network Traffic optimization
  • Miscellaneous fixes and minor improvements

09 July 2021 v 13040

NEW Features:

  • the introduction of the Mixed Chart view. This view allows the user to view the live tick chart but adds a snapshot of 1000 1 minute candlesticks that will help the users get a better understanding of the past price movement. Can be chosen from the same drop-down menu on the top right-hand side of the Screen
  • Default Chart View selector is now added to the Main Menu. This menu will allow users to chose the default type of chart they would like to view (Tick, Chandlestick or Mixed). Can be accessed in the Main Menu -> Options -> Graphs -> Content, the selector is at the bottom of the screen.


  • Core alert system improvements and global fixes
  • 24h Delta (%) in the Market Live tab is now called “24h Change (%)” with a +/- sign depending on the change.
  • Core logs are now kept for 3 days and then discarded. Logs cleaned after compression, only *.log and *.gz files affected.

07 July 2021 v 12996

NEW Features:

  •  Hedge Mode selector added to Bulk actions in Market Info tab. Now users have the ability to enable or disable Binance’s hedge mode directly from the Client


  •   Reports Tab, Comment column fix
  •  Notification panel now closes when double-clicking to open a new chart from the drop-down list
  •  Market Live resource drain fix
  •  TP/SL quantity issue fix

29 June 2021 v 12915

  • Core logger now uses TRACE log lever to display limits data.
  • shotAlgo available margin check on spot fix
  • CPU/RAM/HDD monitoring fixes
  • Miscellaneous Fixes

25 June 2021 v 12880

NEW Features:

  • Candlestick Chart is now available by changing the Chart type on the top right of the screen
  • Live Markets feature added as a new tab. This tab contains auto-updated market data
  • Order volumes bar chart revamp
  • Leverage type and size buttons revamp (now clustered together under Bulk actions button in Markets Info)
  • Tool tips (information windows popping out when hovering over with the mouse)


  • Unix and MacOS system fixes enable confirmation pop-out on application exit
  • Time axis fixes
  • Miscellaneous fixes

11 June 2021 v 12795

  • Futures reports malfunction fix
  • Reports profit/profit%/profit USDT calculation fix
  • Shot won’t start if margin is insufficient on spot fix
  • TP/SL stuck after panic sell partially filled original order fix

08 June 2021 v 12780

IMPORTANT for Unix derived OS (MacOS / Linux)! This update has changed the location of the directory containing profile information to: ~/.config/moontrader-data/data   

  • transfer window fix
  • notifications fix
  • 100% CPU load notification fix
  • separate connection for UDS Source
  • commission calculation fixes
  • 98% API load fix
  • log errors fix

01 June 2021 v 12733

Added Features:

  • Added Reports filters !!!
  • Added Telegram reporting functionality !!!
  • Added trade Storage settings !!!


  • graph auto-scale and trailing price are mutually exclusive now
  • sliders now have snapping spots (magnetic zones) to which they adhere
  • time axis fixes
  • status bar log line fix
  • Spot Join order fixes
  • Shot Algo fixes
  • Commission calculations in Reports fix
  • Manual Market close position fixes

23 May 2021 v 12687

  • comments to reports (algo name + algo info or manual)
  •  extended reports panel feature list:
  • row selection,
  • delete selected reports,
  •  clear db,
  •  “advanced” filtering,
  •  totals for selected reports
  •  warning icon (totals) when deleted reports present
  •   removed shot algorithm from new algorithm list
  •  replaced “,” with “.” when entering numbers in number input fields

17 May 2021 v 12645

  • Added trade compression
  • Fine tuned Trader Storing
  • Free memory fix when out of memory for trades

16 May 2021 v 12641

  • Trade Storing fixes
  • Log spam fix
  • Disabled Trade Storing by default
  • Send order optimization
  • General Speed improvements

12 May 2021 v 12623

  • Optimized orders info load on application start/connect to core
  • TP/SL double take profit bug fix
  • Send order optimization

7 May 2021 v 12612

  • Mouse pointer fix for Unix-like systems and MacOS
  • Hotkey customization added to the Menu (->Input)
  • Added right click + dragging on chart to change the price scale

5 May 2021 v 12590

  • Core tabs can now be reopened from the Menu
  • Join/Split order bug fix
  • Client reconnect to VPS Core issue fix
  • Tab dragging in Dark UI fix
  • Min Shot buffer hardcoded to 0.2%
  • TP/SL fixes
  • Orders unseen due to scaling % are now drawn on top/bottom of the order book
  • Full Screen button added to all tabs and charts

29 April 2021 v 12548

  • TPSL multiple fixes
  • DARK UI is now available!
  • Launcher is obsolete, now all profiles are created directly in the App
  • Markets Watcher fixes
  • Trailing Stop calculation fixes
  • UI customization possibility via Options Menu
  • Options Menu added to the top left of the screen
  • exe separate launch optimization
  • Added trade’s saving to file
  • Min Buffer set to 0.2 in Algos by default!
  • Join Order fix
  • Notifications time fix
  • Balance display fix on initial launch

9 April 2021 v 12355

  • tpslAlgo sleep 0 fix

7 April 2021 v 12350

  • tp/sl duplication on origin order canceled fix
  • tp/sl messages spam fix
  • Added new parameter to shot/groupShot (stopIfTradeLatencyGreaterThan in seconds). ShotAlgo will restart if tradeSource latency is higher than this parameter
  • wrong commission calculation fix

3 April 2021 v 12311

  • Dual side position setting finctionality
  • Shot Algo fixes
  • Join Orders fixes (speed of execution highly increased)
  • UDS shutdown or loss fixes
  •  min Buffer in shots is now hardcoded to 0.5% !
  •  shot restart delay hardcoded to MINIMUM 1 second!
  •  shotAlgo restartDelay now works only if shot restarted after fill/partially fill. Otherwise restart delay is 60 seconds
  •  USDUSDT error fixed
  •  various TPSL fixes

10 February 2021 v 12218

  • Join Orders upgrade
  • Futures notional fix
  • Memory leak fixes
  • MarkPriceUpdate fixes

2 February 2021 v 11896

  • Removed tab close button for certain panels
  • DeltaH fixes
  • Fixed “Market Info freeze”
  • Added value tag on Percentage Axis

26 January 2021 v 11893

  • Core fixes: RAM over-utilization reported by some users is now fixed. This lead to lags and halts on cores running remotely
  • Frame rate is lowered to 20 (edited in options.cfg)

20 January 2021 v 11859

  • SPOT available/total balances fix
  • SPOT balances now updates on UI properly (without switching tabs)
  • Single order updates not stored to database anymore, meanwhile reports are OK

15 January 2021 v 11838

  • Core crash on stop fix
  • Min free RAM is now 48Mb (from 96Mb)
  • Reverted system overloaded logging
  • Small comments fix

13 January 2021 v 11822

  • Threads leak fix
  • Log cleanup
  • Now algorithms restarts if CPU load > 90% or free RAM < 96mb or free HDD < 2gb
  • System Monitor implemented

7 January 2021 v 11806

  • Trades delta fix
  • getOrder fix

6 January 2021 v 11803

  • UDS restart fix
  • shotAlgo restart fix
  • Logging cleanup
  • Shots restart fix
  • Fixed core crash when trying to get tradePairData using unknown marketType

10 December 2020 v 11753

  • Fixed a bug when balances, leverage and margin type was not available on futures
  • StopLimit order type is now available in stopLoss settings

7 December 2020 v 11733

  • OrderRequestData now has stopPricePercentage field (for stopLimit purposes)
  • StopLimit and StopMarket orders done (stopMarket is available, stopLimit disabled until order settings tab is done)
  • if trailing spread is less than tickSize tpslAlgo will use ticksize as trailing spread
  • StopLimit trailingStop fix

3 December 2020 v 11722

  • Trailing Stop implemented
  • Transfer funds fix
  • Limit SL fix
  • Licensing limitations implemented
  • OKEX, HUOBI, BITMEX, FTX view-mode implemented
  • API weight fix
  • TP\SL multiple fixes
  • Panic Sell fix
  • Balances fix
  • no TP, SL fix

18 November 2020 v 11665

  • tpsl fixes
  • Fixed a bug when core stopped receiving trades and could not reconnect

13 November 2020 v 11654

minor bug fixes

10 November 2020 v 11631

  • TPSLalgo fixes
  • DataBaseManager memory leak fix
  • Reports update delay fix
  • PanicSell button now activate stopLoss if it has been disabled before.

05 November 2020 v 11618

  • Fixed a bug when tp/sl is missing after partially filled shot triggered (It happened if partially filled volume is not enough to place new order)
  • Fixed a bug when tpslAlgo instantly closes if it starts with Cancelled order with executed qty (missed initialVolume update)
  • fixed a bug when tpslAlgo could not replace tp order with new qty because it has been already filled
  • Fixed PanicSell issue (sometimes virtual order remained after panic sell activation)
  • Fixed a bug when tpsl didn’t check initial/sold volume if an order has been moved (sometimes order moved with wrong qty)

28 October 2020 v 11590

  • Changed console sfx updater package (windows) back to original version without additional dependencies.

27 October 2020 v 11586

Futures/Delivery balance calculation fixes

  • Shot algo now place/move order with parameter rejectIfApiLimit (if api limit reached shotalgo restarts)
  • Futures/Delivery balance fixes
  • Fixed a bug when TPSLalgo didn’t start if Canceled order update being received earlier than Partially_filled
  • Investigating Insufficient balance while placing take profit

21 October 2020 v 11570

  • Futures/Delivery balance calculation fixes
  • Shot algo now place/move order with parameter rejectIfApiLimit (if api limit reached shotalgo won’t place order and restarts/stops)
  • Added log batch writing (Logging optimization. Now logging uses less CPU and writes data to the file every 10 seconds)
  • Fixed a bug when TPSLalgo didn’t start if Canceled order update has been received earlier than Partially_filled report

14 October 2020 v 11539

  • Fixed a bug when UDS account info couldn’t update recently listed market (It happened if user for example changed margin type of recently listed market on other instance or inside exchange UI, accountInfoManager has no information about new market and break all update proccess with exception)

08 October 2020 v 11526

  • shot algo restart fix (fixed bug when partially filled shot tried to cancel order and stop but order already filled)
  • repeat virtual sl triggered, canceling tp (couldn’t cancel real order) fix
  • Triggered virtual orders no longer removes from charts
  • fixed a bug when real tp/sl not placed while balance is insufficient
  • Triggered virtual orders no longer removes from charts
  • Process futures stream sfstream data
  • OrderManager cleanup system (OrderManager now removes orders older than 1 hour)
  • fixed Core crash if ShotAlgo gets order.REMOVED update and can’t find parent order
  • Allow WS per-message deflate with sliding window (up to 95% compression)

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